Arborio Rice 500gr


Ideal for:
– Risotti al dente;
– Arancini;
– Dessert;
– Rice salads.

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Cooking Time
15/20 min.

The grain is long and half-round, the colour is pearled white with a nucleus rich in amid.

Riso Arborio is a well-known product: it is in fact appreciated for his characteristics as it boasts high performance when is being cooked. During the preparation, in fact, grains cook perfect and evenly yet keep the nutrient rich core, “al dente”.

The stone whitening technique allows us to maintain the germ into its original location, which means keeping the nutritional and organoleptic values.

We select exclusively 100% Arborio grains like for all other varieties we trade.

Arborio is more difficult to cultivate as it is more sensitive to climate changes which leads to production drop.

Organoleptic and Commodity Characteristics:
– Aspect: Long grain and semi-roundedshape, white colour;
– Pearling: pearly;
– Fragrance: characteristic of the variety, free of extraneous odors;
– Flavor: characteristic of the variety, free of extraneous odors;
– Endosperm: not glutinous type;
– Amylose: low.

Chemical and physical characteristics:
– Average Lenght: 7,1 mm;
– Average width: 3,2 mm
– Humidity: max 14%;
– Breaking: < 2%.

Microbiological characteristics:
Parameters -> Levels
Micro-organisms at 30º < 100.000 ufc/g;
Total Califorms < 2000 ufc/g;
Bacillus Cereus < 10 ufc/g;
Escherichia Coli Beta < 10 ufc/g;
Conta Staphilococchi coagul. Pos < 10 ufc/g;
Salmonella spp. Assente in 25g;
Molds < 10 ufc/g;
Yeast < 10.000 ufc/g.

Per 100 g of product (approx. calculation):
– Energy 1490/351 KJ/Kcal;
– Fat 1,3 g;
– of which saturates 0,4 g;
– Carbohydrates 77,0 g;
– of which sugars 0,3 g;
– Fibers 1,4 g;
– Protein 6,9 g;
– Salt 0,02 g.

Allergens: no food allergens.

Additional product information:
– not obtained  by the use of chemical agents but through mechanical and physical processes;
– it contains neither preservatives nor additives;
– it is not genetically modified (REG. CE 1829/2003) and not derived from genetically modified seeds;
– It is not been subjected to radiations and it does not contain contaminated elements;
-This product is suitable for people intolerant to gluten.

– Bags in PA/PE vacuum packed + 100% cotton bag;
– Primary Packaging material is entirely in accordance with the  Community and Italian legislature.

Shelf Life: 24 month with unopened package, store in a cool and dry place.

Transportation and storage:
The product must be transported and stored at room temperature far from heat and humidity.


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