Our Rice varieties

Riso Magno is a trading company that sells the best selection of rice 100% Made in Italy such as Carnaroli, Baldo, Carnaroli Integrale, Arborio, Ermes, Black.

We follow the traditional processing method (Metodo Classico), that means that the rice is cultivated with sure quality grains and reflects 100% in purity the variety indicated on our packaging.

RISO MAGNO processes its rice selection with the oldest method: the stone work. Nowadays this method is fallen into disuse for reasons of industrialisation but we choose the most natural way. Thanks to the stone work, the grain keeps its natural color and, mostly important, it keeps the same nutritional properties of a wholegrain rice. The GERM, in fact, remains located in its original place.

The GERM is the most precious part and we proudly treasure it into our grains. As we said before, we never remove it from its place! Although this procedure is not easy, thanks to the thoroughness we put into the processing, the focus on quality rather than on big productions, we succeed in keeping the grain as rough as possible, preserving the mineral salts, the vitamins, the proteins and the enzymes that lay in the most external layer and in the germ.

When you purchase Riso Magno you purchase a certainty!

– 100% purity of quality;
– evenness in the dimensions of grains;
– excellent firmness during the cooking;
– unique palate sensation;
– superior porosity which means that all condiments are better absorbed;
– GERM always present in the grain.

Our Packaging

Riso Magno is presented in a pure cotton bag that well reflects how our brand identity  pays tribute to  authenticity and local tradition.

Moreover, the tin box is meant to store this delicacy once you have opened the bag. No more elastics or pegs to preserve your purchase but a certified container in accordance with European agri-food standards.

This is to guarantee the freshness and allow more practical storage of the product.  Our Vacuum pack fully preserves its natural fragrance for long  without artificial preservatives or additives.

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